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Negro’s Musings 02-07



Negro’s Musings

In the past 15 years or more, the end of January represents the moment to reunite with our brothers & sisters… and we are very happy to see each other once a year. Besides being able to hug and say hello to all the people responsible for creating, building and marketing our beautiful instruments, we also get the chance to see many of those who so amazingly paved the way for us! Louie Bellson, Armando Peraza, Francisco Aguabella, Walfredo Reyes Sr … just to mention a few of our most legendary fathers. And then into the heroes of my days… Omar (Hakim), Gary Husband, Smitty (Smith), Alex Acuna, Cindy Blackman, Giovanni (Hidalgo)… right on to the next generation, Zak Danzinger, Mike Mangini, Johnny Raab, Raul Pineda… into the youngsters like Teddy Campbell, Ronald Bruner Jr. Of course all our families at Pearl & Zildjian… Glen Caruba, Marc Q, Bobby Allende, Jesus Diaz, Eric Velez, Carlos Soto, Robert Vilera, Johnny Blas, Jesse Caraballo, Jim McGathy, John King..

It’s 4 days of hugs and catching up, but also for many of us it’s a responsibility. I’ve been very lucky for being home a week before NAMM, having a chance to spend a few hours, at least, practicing my drums. What happened at the Pearl booth.., it was magical! Richie Flores and myself were scheduled to play on Friday at 4 o’clock. We started playing the opening tune of Richie’s solo debut album, just on percussion and drumset. Our audience was there already with us… Friends started coming over, the booth started getting crowded… hotter! It is a moment that I will never forget and a moment that definitely left a mark on my own career and in my heart. Having your idols coming to jam with you and to play with you is just beyond everything!! 20 minutes after our set started in the fishbowl, I was dancing and playing a very small cowbell, while on my right Sheila E was grooving her butt off on my kit while Alex Acuna, on my left, was nailing the perfect groove on timbales! I feel very glad that I didn’t have to play on Saturday or Sunday. Once again, my heroes made my days! I partied and I enjoyed it alot… until next January…

Saturday and Sunday were about saying hello to whoever missed that jam!

It is 6am on Monday and I am still packing all my memories… I’m flying home in a few hours, already thinking about next January.

Negro 02/07

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