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Seamus Blake



We are excited to announce that Seamus Blake will be completing  a fresh new album for 5Passion. The recordings will take place in early June, 2014 and the talent is staggering !

The artists include Seamus Blake, saxes – John Scofield, guitars – Nate Smith, Drums –  Matt Garrison, Bass – Scott Kinsey, Keys – Matt Clohesy, Double Bass – Rachel Deren, flute  – Marshall Gilkes, Trombone  – Douglas Yates, Clarinet  –  John Ellis, Bass Clarinet  – Rob Mosher , oboe,english horn – Stephanie Griffin, viola  –  Tom Chiu, violin Felix Fan, cello , Production and Arrangements by Guillermo Klein and Gonzalo Rubalcaba, keys. Katsuhiko Naito  Sound Engineer, mixing , Tyler Hartman, Assistant Engineer.



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