Ron Carter πŸ”—

Double Bass/Composer - 'Skyline'

Alex Sipiagin πŸ”—

Trumpet/Composer -'From Reality And Back'

Jack DeJohnette πŸ”—

Drums/composer - 'Skyline'

Will Vinson πŸ”—

Saxophone/Composer - 'Perfectly Out Of Place' & 'Suite Caminos'

Aymee Nuviola πŸ”—

Lead Singer - 'Viento y Tiempo'

Antonio Sanchez πŸ”—

Drums - 'From Reality And Back'

Seamus Blake πŸ”—

Saxophone/Composer - 'Superconductor' & 'Suite Caminos'

Ignacio Berroa πŸ”—

Drums/composer - 'Heritage & Passion'

Yosvony Terry πŸ”—

Saxophone/Composer - 'New Throned King'

Matt Brewer πŸ”—

Double & Electric Bass - 'Suite Caminos' & 'Charlie'